We have more than two decades of experience advising and representing clients, and prosecuting antitrust violations, in the state and federal courts. From initial case assessment through appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court in cutting edge antitrust cases, we have been there. Because we have defended clients, large and small, we can provide frank advice about antitrust exposure and the costs of litigation. Because we have investigated and prosecuted on the government side, we understand the enforcement agency perspective. Whether you are trying to convince the government to file a case, or refrain from filing, we can help frame your presentation and assess your chances of success. And if you are considering filing an antitrust case yourself, our experience enables us to evaluate antitrust issues and plan appropriate action efficiently and cost effectively. Our focus is on assisting in-house counsel and law firms in serving their clients’ antitrust needs. We do not represent clients ourselves, although we can provide referrals to businesses and individuals in need of antitrust counsel.