Steven Semeraro

Principal, Kensington Antitrust Advisors Group

Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law


1984-1987 Stanford Law School, J.D. with Distinction

Positions: Editor-in-chief, Volume 6, Stanford Environmental Law Journal; President, Sergeants-at-Law Trial Advocacy Group.

Honors:Best Brief, 1987 Kirkwood Moot Court Competition; Olaus and Adolph Murie Award (Second Prize) in Writing on Law and the Environment; R. Hunter Summers Trial Practice Award.

1980-1984 Rutgers College, B.A. in History with Highest Honors


“The Reverse-Robin-Hood-Cross-Subsidy Hypothesis: Do Credit Card Systems Effectively Tax the Poor to Reward the Rich?” (forthcoming 2009 Rutgers Law Journal)

“The Antitrust Economics (and Law) of Surcharging Credit Card Transactions” (forthcoming 2009 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance)

“The Competitive Benefits of Credit Card Merchant Restraints: A Response to Professor Levitin” (forthcoming 2009 Discourse: On-line Supplement to the UCLA Law Review”

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University of the Pacific: McGeorge School of Law, outside scholarship review for faculty promotion (2008).

SCRIPT-ed ~ A Journal of Law, Technology & Society, published under the auspices of SCRIPT, the AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law at the University of Edinburgh, “Telecommunications Mergers in Korea” (2007).

Advocacy & Policy Consulting

United States Senate, Committee on the Judiciary, Consultant re: Credit Card Interchange Fees (2008)

Brief of Law Professors as Amici Curiae Supporting Respondent, Verizon Communications Inc. v. Law Offices of Curtis V. Trinko, U.S. Sup. Ct. (2003)


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“Technology Standards, Intellectual Property, and Antitrust,” presented at the American Intellectual Property Law Association, 1996 Spring Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts

“Overcoming the Noerr/Pennington Defense to Antitrust Prosecutions,” presented at the United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, Washington, DC, June 30, 1994

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“A Proposal To Reform Procedural Default Rules In Federal Habeas Corpus Proceedings,” presented to the American Bar Association Committee On Habeas Corpus Reform, Atlanta, GA, August 31, 1989


1999-Present Associate Dean For Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law B Antitrust, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Death Penalty Law, Health Care & Competition Law, Intellectual Property & Competition Law, Property, Telecommunications Law

1998 Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Law School C

Telecommunications Law

1995-97 Instructor, Legal Methods Program, Washington College of Law, American University, a full-term and graded first-year course, focusing on civil and criminal procedure, legal ethics, legal writing, and oral advocacy.

1990-93 Instructor, Introduction To Legal Reasoning, Washington, DC, summer program for students entering law school C taught classes on criminal law, torts, and property.

1990, 93 Instructor, District of Columbia Street Law Program, a program designed to teach basic legal principles and lawyering skills to high school students C taught classes on property, criminal law, and trial advocacy skills.


State: New York, Admitted January 1989; District of Columbia, Admitted August 31, 1989.

Federal: United States Court of Appeals For The Fifth Circuit, Admitted August 5, 1990; United States District Court For The District of Columbia, Admitted January 7, 1991.


1994-97 Trial Attorney, Civil Task Force, Antitrust Division,

United States Department of Justice. Lead attorney on major investigations of the credit card and compact disc technology industries. Investigating and prosecuting complex civil antitrust cases primarily in intellectual-property-related areas.

1995-96 Special Assistant United States Attorney, United States Attorney’s Office For the Eastern District of Virginia. Prosecuted federal criminal cases at the grand jury, trial and appellate levels.

1988-94 Associate, Covington & Burling, Washington, DC. Litigated in the state and federal courts, primarily at the appellate level, in the areas of antitrust, regulated industries, criminal (white collar, Criminal Justice Act, death penalty defense, and habeas corpus), insurance, and intellectual property. Advised clients primarily on antitrust issues.

1987-88 Judicial Clerk for The Honorable Stephanie K. Seymour,

United States Court of Appeals For the Tenth Circuit.